Did you know that on July 1st of this year, the way information is communicated via cell towers was changed dramatically? The long anticipated rollout of the 5G network comes with both excitement, and concern.

This launch consists of millions of new cell phone towers, and up to 42,000 satellites, flooding our atmosphere with electromagnetic radiation.



The change is so significant that the airline industries sent warnings that the new 5G high powered transmissions could possibly affect the efficiency of air travel.  July 1st 5G rollout may affect airplane travel

Yes, disruptions in travel plans are inconvenient however, the implementation of the 5G network has even far more life changing consequences, most of which have not been widely communicated.

The telecommunication companies behind the development and marketing of the 5G technology have assured us that there are no health risks associated with the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that radiate from transmitters and ‘smart’ devices. However, we must understand that their studies serve the industry’s best interest and very well may have produced biased results.

Note that many of the studies done so far, have been done on existing transmission levels (4G) and lower, not 5G, which is exponentially more powerful. In fact, the cell phone companies are claiming the safety of their products based on standardized testing done in 1996!

To put that into perspective, back then, it would have taken about 4 months to download a feature film. We can now do it in about 2 seconds. I’m no techie but, I’m thinking we could use some updated testing.

What you should know is that every independent scientific study not associated with any telecommunication company, shows that EMF’s may be significantly harmful.

Emfscientist.orgis a website for a global community of scientific collaborations on EMF effects. To summarize the bottom line…it doesn’t look good. Some studies have stated that accumulative exposure can lead to changes in cell DNA. Even the N.I.H. and the W.H.O. have classified EMFs as possibly carcinogenic.



Did you know that Apple puts warnings in their fine print  about placing their devices against your head, and on your body?

Did you know that several foreign countries have banned Wi-Fi devices from kindergartens and baby care facilities? https://ehtrust.org/schools-worldwide-removing-wifi-reducing-exposure/

This is most likely due to the vulnerability of their developing brains within skulls that are considerably thinner than adult skulls.

Comparisons are being made to the tobacco industry. In the 40s and 50s, cigarettes were marketed and propagandized as safe

and even good for us. It wasn’t until 40 years later that the truth of their harmful effects were revealed.

Should we wait 40 years to learn the truth about the dangerous effects of EMFs?

The fact is, we cannot escape the onslaught of these transmissions. Unlike cigarettes, we can’t see, smell, or taste them. They are silently penetrating us everywhere we are.

What are the negative effects? There are several.

Sensitivity to EMF exposure seems to vary from person to person.

Some of the known common symptoms are:

Sleeping issues
Severe itchy skin
Burning or tingling skin
Chronic fatigue
Brain fog
Heart palpations

Ultimately, time & distance are our best friends. We can dramatically cut down our exposure by simply creating space between ourselves and our devices, as well as limiting the time that we do have them on our person. Even though the waves can easily penetrate through walls, every foot the transmitting device is away from us, greatly diminishes its invasion of our bodies.

We have several ways to mitigate our exposure. Here are a few things we can do:

  • Text instead of calling. Limiting the proximity to your head.
  • Use phone speaker . When have to make a call, protect your brain.
  • Remove any wireless device from your nightstand or dresser. Sleeping next to any wireless device can be extremely detrimental to your well-being.
  • Turn off your router at night. This will dramatically cut down your family’s exposure.
  • Use shields . There are many devices and materials on the market that can shield you from EMF signals. Please do your research. Don’t get ripped off!
  • Wear gem stones . The energetic fields of certain gem stones are known to provide some effective protection against harmful energy fields. Shungite and tourmaline are a couple examples. You can keep them in your pocket or, wear it against your skin (better choice).
  • Get grounded.  Walking barefoot on the ground for about 20 minutes will have a grounding effect on your body. Thus, helping to remove harmful positive charges. This is especially true on beaches. There are devices on the market that also counteract the effects of negative EMFs by grounding you or, blanketing you with interference. Again, please do your due diligence when choosing one of these devices.
NOTE:  Our Bemer machine is an example of these devices. Some of you have been routinely selecting a Bemer session before your massage treatment. Therefore, not only are you getting deep stimulation to your circulatory system, you are also receiving waves that resemble Earth’s grounding frequencies. This is mitigating your negative EMF exposure for at least that day. https://creatingchangellc.com/bemer/