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Massage Therapy is client centered bodywork, using various manual techniques to encourage healthy fluid circulation. The art of soft tissue manipulation helps to break up any blockage of nourishing blood, and detoxing lymph fluid. These hands-on techniques can be very effective for bringing relief of chronic, physical pain, or acute injuries. Certain techniques also stimulate your para-sympathetic nervous system, which facilitates the ‘relax response’, allowing the body’s healing process to occur.  The goal of Massage Therapy is to create a balanced environment throughout the body, making it a foundational self-health care program. Sustainable results are obtained with regular sessions.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Like massage therapy, the main function of CST is to break free restrictions impeding healthy flow of fluid. The craniosacral system consists of the skull, spinal column, and the sacrum bone. This system produces and filters the cerebral spinal fluid that baths the central nervous system for its nourishment, and waste removal. Since the central nervous system is responsible for signaling all of our body functions, CST can also be considered a foundation for maintaining over all good health. The techniques are very gentle and specific. This modality provides relief for a broad spectrum of conditions such as migraines, depression, neck and shoulder pain, neuropathy, and more. The most common side effect is a deep sense of relaxation, and balance.

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Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is at the forefront of modern physical training. We have learned that being able to sustain postural integrity as we age reigns supreme for healthy longevity.  The exercises are very specific to the individual and require the development of a mind-body connection. Most of the training consists of small, controlled movements with little space and equipment required. When combined with Massage Therapy you can expect sustainable relief from chronic pain conditions.

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Our mind and body are seamlessly interconnected and interplay with each other at every moment. Most of the time we operated through our unconscious mind, which creates a disconnect to our bodies. This leads to defragmentation which allows for dysfunction to enter our physical, mental, and spiritual planes. Mind-body practices develop our awareness, which leads to more conscious living. By consistently practicing being present with our bodies, we can allow for harmonious life experiences, mentally and physically.

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