What is Bemer?

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The Bemer is a leader in the field of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) and has been for more than two decades. It is often used as a standard of comparison in its field. It’s patented signal, developed by the pioneering Professor, Dr. Wolf A Kafka is what sets it apart from the rest. This unique signal has been extensively studied, with positive conclusions. Including non-bias, peer reviewed studies on Pubmed.gov, which speaks to its relevance.

The Bemer Story

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy has been around for several decades. In 1952, physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schuman mathematically predicted the ‘earth’s heartbeat’ frequency to be 7.83 hertz (Schumann resonance). This electromagnetic frequency is said to be the protective barrier of our planet, and it emanates from its core to the atmosphere traveling through all living things. Interestingly, it happens to be the same frequency of our theta/alpha brainwaves, which represents the window between our subconscious and conscious minds. Wavelengths around these frequencies generate deeply relaxing and healing vibrations. It is the grounding effect you get when walking on the beach, or in a forest. This discovery inspired the field of PEMF Therapy. Before the turn of the millennium, NASA put out a report of studies they conducted on PEMFs. When their astronauts were returning from space with consistent ill-health, it was determined that the reason was their non-exposure to the earth’s grounding frequencies. These studies proved the efficacy of PEMF therapy and opened the industry’s gates. Bemer was at the forefront of the movement.

Electromagnetic Assault

Today we are bombarded by increasingly high levels of electromagnetic waves emanating from devices all around us. On an average day, we get exposed to 20-40 sources of negative EMF. 5G is a long way from 7.83 hertz. We now know the physiological damage caused by these negative waves constantly traveling through our bodies. ‘Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome’ is stated to be caused by this over exposure of negative EMFs, coupled with the earth’s reduced EMF, and modern day indoor lifestyles. This reality alone makes devices like the Bemer a considerable necessity, to combat this assault. Unlike other man-made devices, the Bemer sends out positive signals that resemble our earth’s frequencies.

What does the Bemer do?

After almost two decades of research. Dr Kafka patented a very specific signal that generates blood vessel stimulation consistently, and safely. You see, our hearts pump blood into our circulatory systems, but it’s all the blood vessels that do a harmonized “dance” pushing the blood through. They need this movement to pass blood through 60,000 miles of tiny tunnels. Yes, you read that right! Your circulatory system could wrap around the world…twice. The Bemer is extremely effective in stimulating micro-circulation (within the small capillaries). This in turn, triggers our body’s natural healing properties.

Here’s footage of the effects of one Bemer treatment:  A look inside a Bemer treatment

Why do we need good blood circulation?

Our circulatory system is what literally sustains life to every cell in our bodies. Our blood brings all the cells nutrients and removes all the waste material. It’s that exchange that allows for a healthy cell, which leads to healthy tissues, healthy organs, and a healthy body. Any area of our body that is not receiving proper blood flow will lead to cell damage and dysfunctional tissue. As you can imagine, the list of pathologies due to poor blood flow can be very extensive.

Here’s a short video to help illustrate proper blood flow:
Science of proper blood flow 

Bemer is Global

There are over 1 million Bemers being used worldwide. Over 4000 hospitals across Europe have implemented Bemer Therapy into their protocols for treating their patients. Medical practitioners have seen firsthand the positive results for a wide range of conditions, due to the increase of healthy blood circulation. Here’s a few of them explaining in their own words why they utilize the Bemer:

Dr. Lodi (Oncologist)

European Medical Experts

Here in the United States, you will find Bemer machines in thousands of clinics and wellness centers across the country. We are very proud and happy to provide this revolutionary treatment here, at Creating Change LLC!

  • Single session – $25
  • Package of 5 – $100
  • Massage add-on – $10
  • Monthly unlimited – $325

Bemer works best as accumulation therapy for continued healthy circulation. We also have higher intensity applicators that effectively assist treatment of specific injuries and/or conditions.

The Bemer is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any medical issues. May be contraindicated for some people with medical device implantation. The Bemer is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. The opportunity to purchase your own device is also available.

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