Hear what some of our clients have to say.

“Mark is one of the hidden gems of this area, he knows his stuff. I’ve seen countless other practitioners and spent untold sums of money to get to the bottom of long standing back pain. I was doubtful but after a few appts with Mark, I’m stunned that one core strength training session resulted in such dramatic improvement in the pain and stability I am experiencing. I am ever grateful.”-Vicki U.: Registered Nurse

“Mark is an amazing massage therapist and person. I have been working with him for over two years on a regular basis and look forward to every visit. Originally, I was referred to him for a sports injury. He not only alleviated that discomfort, but got me to realize the value of massage to deal with the stress of life which is manifested in our bodies. He is extremely professional and friendly. Listens to me and very much cares about his clients.”

- Michael F.: Attorney

“I started seeing Mark going on three years ago, just after I began working as a Personal Trainer. I had some lingering issues from over-exercising that Mark was able to work out for me over the following months. Every time I go, it seems I feel better and have more mobility. It is also very relaxing–he sets the mood and has added extras like aroma therapy and hot stones, which make the experience even more enjoyable! Mark is the best Massage Therapist I have ever found, and seeing him on a regular basis improves my body and mind.”

-Christina W.: A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer

“Mark Hayward has helped me change my life. He is a phenomenal therapeutic massage therapist. His use of Myofascial Release techniques, along with stretches, has increased my mobility and confidence to increase physical activities. So, I hired him to help me build a stronger core. He created exercise routines to have strengthen, stabilize and realign my posture. His approach of insisting on proper form and developing the mind-muscle connection has been instrumental in my success. His style of coaching and following up proves his personal commitment to me. He is top notch.”-Debbie C.: Retired

“Mark Hayward is beyond a five star rating. Three years ago I was having many issues with my neck, shoulder, and arm. Mark and I discussed the pain and he took the time to hone in on it. He listens to me and my body for optimal results. He will be my only massage therapist for life.”

- Jan S.: Financial Operations Consultant